Articles and Essays

“Empathetic Glassing,” finding common ground between human and animal intelligence in “Western Hunter,” 2020

Mediating the Parrot,” personal essay/criticism on John Ashbery’s poem, “Meditations of a Parrot” in Queen’s Mob Teahouse, 2019.

“Colorado Plateau Landscape Connectivity,” through Wyoming Arts Council

Who Owns a River?” Plough Quarterly, Summer 2019

Essex Chain,” “Warrior Run,” Terror Lakes,“Operation Opalescent,” Adirondack Life 2009 — 2014

“Adieu, Romaine,” co-authored with Tripp Burwell, Forest Notes Summer 2013

Stories, novel excerpts, and vignettes

“Sylvie, Far Off,” novel manuscript, finalist for St. Lawrence Book Award.

“Back in Berwin,” Wilderness House Literary Review, Vol. 13 No. 1

“Animal Behavior,” Cirque Vol. 9 No. 1 and as “Skinning the Fish,” Work Literary Magazine October 2017

Book Reviews

Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Canoeing the Adirondack with Nessmuk” Dan Brenan

Colleen’s Count” Rick Henry

Mercies in the American Desert” Benjamin Landry

Mammal Tracks and Sign” Mark Elbroch with Casey MacFarland

Lorraine L Wilson – Valerie J Moody — poems and prose

Finding Lost Pond,” Pamela Mitchell

The Strange Malady of Alessandro’s Uncle,” Tony Holtzman

Doghiker,” Alan Via

Odes to Lithium,” Shira Erlichman

It’s Not Magic, Jon Sands”

Being Caribou, Karsten Heuer”

Two In The Far North, Mardie Murie”

Isle Royale, Matthew Glavin”

Adirondack Treasure, The Bonaparte Legacy, Matthew Glavin”

Caretakers, Jamie Sheffield.”

Among Friends, A Quaker Boy at the Battle of Pittsburgh. Stephen B. Woodruff”

The Ruby Seat, Joseph Rector” 

Lost, LeAnne Baker”

In All the Wrong Places, Patrick Egan”

Hacks, Fitz-Enz”

Tibetta’s World, Caperton Tissot”

The Railroad, Tony Holtzman”

Axton Landing, Tony Holtzman”


Features, Reviews and Goings-On-About-Town

“Duly Noted,” and features for Chilkat Valley News 2015

“Creeking Vermont,” Vermont Sports, Fall 2014

“Chimney Mountain,” Westside News, 2013

Features for Addison Independent, Middlebury, Vermont 2011 — 2012

Selected Papers

“The Romaine Complex,” Thesis for Middlebury College, Environmental Nonfiction 2011

“The Old Way North,” Middlebury Geographic Spring 2010

“Rebirth,” Breadloaf Writer’s Conference Student Scholarship, 2010

“Kayak Rolls,” Middlebury Magazine 2009

“Lake Champlain Trapping Boats,” Nonfiction Special Project, 2009