I write about the interfaces between domestic and wild spaces, and organize trips at those boundaries. I am an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson.

I grew up in Western New York and went to Middlebury College, which has a wonderful major called Environmental Nonfiction. They give you money to go on trips and write about them.

At Middlebury I organized trips to Vermont and Adirondack rivers, the Everglades, the last un-dammed river in Quebec, and to retrace a 500-mile Farley Mowat route in Nunavut. I built some Champlain Valley trapping boats and wrote articles for local newspapers and Adirondack Life. All good experience in logistics, improvisation, and turning life into words.

In 2014 I gillnetted salmon on Kodiak and moved to Haines, AK. I built kayaks, fished another season, worked for a mountain goat hunting guide, then beat my retreat back south. I’ve since worked for the Forest Service in Montana, guided on desert rivers, on glaciers in Patagonia, and gotten married.